Free flight for colorful birds with X-TEND

Free flight for colorful birds with X-TEND

Filigree aviary with X-TEND in Black

With ARALANDIA, one of the largest macaw aviaries in Europe has been created in the Wuppertal Green Zoo. Freely accessible, the aviary offers visitors impressive perspectives and insights into the world of the rare, colorful birds. X-TEND by Carl Stahl Architektur spans the extraordinary arch construction and integrates the surrounding nature in a unique way thanks to its transparency.

The new free-flight aviary in the Green Zoo in Wuppertal is really colorful. Here cobalt blue feathered hyacinth macaws have found a new home together with endangered and partly endangered red-eared, lear and blue-throated macaws. Part of the feathered living community are orange-yellow sun parakeets and graceful Chile flamingos, which are joined by the pudu, the smallest species of deer in the world.

Unique experience

Right at the beginning of the tour, ARALANDIA takes visitors on an exciting journey into the world of colorful parrots. Without any annoying visual barriers, the 1,100 square meter and up to ten meter high free-flight aviary provides authentic insights into the life of macaws and other species. The visitors find themselves in the midst of a semi-arid savannah landscape, surrounded by the feathered inhabitants and in a unique background noise. Waterfalls, retreat and nesting caves, streams and a pond form the habitat of the animals, which is modeled on nature. Paths and bridges guide visitors through the freely accessible aviary, inviting them to linger and be amazed. The architects from dan pearlman deliberately designed the macaw aviary, which is one of the largest of its kind in Europe.

Impressive zoo architecture

Up to 30 meters long, organically curved metal arches span the facility, which in its basic shape is reminiscent of the residents' swing. A structure made of blackened X-TEND stainless steel wire mesh from Carl Stahl Architektur spans the construction. With a rope diameter of 1.5 to 2.5 millimeters and a mesh size of 30 millimeters, the mesh appears filigree and transparent and covers the system like a light veil. Due to the dark color, the stainless steel cable mesh optically fades into the background. This creates the impression that inside and outside are merging. This ensures exceptional views and insights and enables a natural experience of the graceful birds outside of the aviary. Inside, X-TEND lines the visitor bridges as a railing infill and also offers almost barrier-free views of the animals' habitat.

Contribution to species conservation

ARALANDIA follows the concept of the "Green Zoo Wuppertal 2020". The focus is on improved animal husbandry, increasing attractiveness and promoting ecological sustainability. The modern self-image of the zoo includes the creation of near-natural, animal-friendly facilities and the commitment to species protection. All of this finds its expression in ARALANDIA. With the aviary and the attached breeding center, the Wuppertal Green Zoo is setting new standards in the keeping and breeding of endangered parrot species and at the same time heightened awareness of the importance of active species protection.