Hiking and cycling path on Lake Como

A phenomenal mix of mild climate that reflects the feeling of Italian summer and Alps, which shows the other side of the 425 meter deep lake. Surrounded by mountains that rise up to 2000 meters in height, Lake Como always gives a spectacular picture. Especially at the northern end, where the Monte Legnone, the northwesternmost foothills of the Alpi Orobie, towers over the lakeshore with a summit elevation of 2615m by more than 2400 metersTo further increase the attractiveness of the area as a holiday region, especially for active holidaymakers, a new hiking and biking trail concept was decided in Como and now put into action.
The railing of the new hiking and biking trail on the "Lago di Como" secures the passers-by with a fall protection made of X-TEND stainless steel rope nets and stretches for kilometers along the lakeside promenade.
An X-TEND color rope net, type CXE in black with a mesh width of 60 millimeters and a rope diameter of 2 millimeters was used, which was installed as a continuous net for railing on I-SYS stainless steel rope assemblies as edge ropes.
Mountains, landscape green, sun and Lake Como are reflected in the stainless steel post, which was processed with the dark rope net and represents an interesting color change.