Light design at the port of Kiel - with X-LED from Carl Stahl ARC

Light design at the port of Kiel - with X-LED from Carl Stahl ARC

It is possible to design buildings and other objects in an outstanding way. One application example is the shore power system in the port of Kiel, which was completed in December 2020.

Media facade on the new shore power system

Even when a ship is in port, it needs electricity - for example for lighting, for cooling stored food and for many other areas. For this purpose, it is equipped with powerful generators that are operated with marine diesel. But especially while the ships are in port, this form of energy supply creates problems. It causes noise and annoying exhaust gases. That is why the trend is to use powerful shore  systems. These are connected to the normal power grid and can supply the ship with electricity. The port of Kiel has also decided to set up such a facility. This is operated entirely with green electricity. In this way, it makes an important contribution to protecting the environment and climate. In order to draw attention to this project, the port operators decided to equip the facade of the shore power system with a huge LED surface. This should have an informative character and represent the ecological goals of the port.

Partnership with high quality implementation

This project was realized in cooperation with Trilux Cologne and TEAMLICHT Hamburg.
Photo source: Markus Bollen