Steel monument to the King of Clay RAFAEL NADAL

Steel monument to the King of Clay RAFAEL NADAL

Rafael Nadal - There are many names for him: record winner, clay court king, bull of Manacor. The Spanish record hunter finished five seasons as world number one and holds the record of the longest winning streak of 81 matches on clay. In 2021 he was named World Sportsman of the Year for the second time. Shortly before the start of the French Open 2021, the French tennis association dedicated a statue to Nadal. Suspended with our I-SYS stainless steel cable system.

The steel statue is 3 meters high and almost 5 meters wide and shows him with his famous forehand top spin. The spectacular statue in Paris is on the grounds of Roland Garros in the "Garden of the Musketeers".

I-SYS stainless steel rope system set the scene

The Nadal statue is held by our I-SYS stainless steel rope assemblies. The 6mm and 8mm strong ropes from Carl Stahl ARC enable the monument to be displayed while jumping. This is where the dynamism of the “Nadal strike” comes into its own. With our terminals and turnbuckles, the ropes could be attached to the frame and tightened. Rafael Nadal, who was personally present at the unveiling in Paris, is thrilled.

I-SYS - a convincing system.

The suspension ropes convince in architecture through their durability and stability. Thanks to their flexibility and with over 1,200 individual parts, they can be individually adapted to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor applications.

I-SYS rope assemblies are often used in structural architecture to suspend larger elements. The rope suspension cables can be used in a wide variety of ways.

Further application examples with I-SYS from Carl Stahl ARC

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