ThinKing Awards 2020: 2nd place for X-LED from Carl Stahl ARC

ThinKing Awards 2020: 2nd place for X-LED from Carl Stahl ARC

ThinKing Awards 2020: A platform for innovative lightweight construction projects

Lightweight construction can save costs and resources. It is therefore a concern of the state government of Baden-Württemberg to promote this type of construction. For this purpose, Leichtbau BW GmbH was created - a company that is 100 percent owned by the federal state. It serves as a neutral point of contact and promoter of lightweight construction projects in Baden-Württemberg. To implement this construction method, constant innovation and a great deal of inventiveness are necessary. That is why one of the state agency's most important goals is to promote new ideas. The ThinKing Award serves this purpose. Companies from Baden-Württemberg can present innovative technologies. The state agency then awards the best projects of the year. At the ThinKing Awards 2020, our X-LED stainless steel cable net won second place. We see this as confirmation of the outstanding quality of the product and the ingenuity on which it is based.

X-LED: a product with outstanding properties

This product consists of a high-quality stainless steel cable mesh into which numerous LED light points are incorporated. These can be controlled individually in order to display different lighting effects, images, text and even videos. You can use this product for advertising purposes, for conveying information, for lighting or just for outstanding lighting effects. In addition, it offers many other advantages that led to an excellent assessment at the ThinKing Award.

Flexible shapes

The X-LED stainless steel cable net can not only be adapted in length and width to the individual requirements of the customer. In addition, three-dimensional shapes are also possible.

Lightweight construction

The weight of the stainless steel cable net is extremely low. In addition, there is an outstanding strength that enables large spans. Therefore only a few brackets are necessary.

Various functions

X-LED not only allows you to create lighting effects. There are also other functions - such as fall protection or protection against glass breakage.

Transparent design

The stainless steel rope net is translucent. If you use it as a light ceiling or for a media facade, the natural incidence of light is hardly impaired during the day.

Low maintenance system

The lighting network is extremely low-maintenance. The stainless steel cable nets are rustproof and weatherproof. The LEDs have a service life of around 50,000 operating hours.


In summary, the X-LED stainless steel cable mesh is very resource-saving. The material requirements, the effort for the support structure and the maintenance requirements are only low. The network also takes on a variety of functions. In this way, you can create outstanding lighting effects without consuming too much resources.