Vista Hills Croatia - Great view with X-TEND

Vista Hills Croatia - Great view with X-TEND

Croatia - the country with the picturesque islands, the Turkish blue water and historical cities is a vacation country with many possibilities. On the slopes of the Učka Mountains in the east of Istria lies the small medieval town of Mošćenice - the small hill town in the hinterland of Mošćenička Draga is part of the Croatian cultural heritage. Exactly 753 stone stairs connect the Sveti Ivan beach with the houses on the 173 meter high mountain in Mošćenice. Because of the breathtaking view of the entire Kvarner Bay, Mošćenice is a popular destination for excursions and vacation.

Villa Vista Hills is located in Mošćenice, about 14 km from Opatija and 19 km from Rijeka. Pure relaxation and luxury are guaranteed here. A dream vacation with a secure view of the turquoise sea. The modern villa with space for 14 people is completely fenced so that you can enjoy your privacy without having to forego the beautiful view.

X-TEND backup with a view

Villa Vista Hills, built on the hills of Mošćenice, is approx. 2 km above Mošćenička Draga and was framed all around with X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh railings. It fits into the landscape almost invisibly. This guarantees a secure and close view. Black stainless steel cable mesh with a diameter of 1.5 mm were installed in the railing. With a mesh size of 60 mm, it allows an unobstructed and fall-proof view of the crystal-clear Adriatic.

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