X-TEND as a ball stop mesh at the HOGA school in Dresden

X-TEND as a ball stop mesh at the HOGA school in Dresden

With around 560,000 inhabitants, Dresden is not only the largest city in the Free State of Saxony. In addition, it is its state capital and its cultural and economic center. Numerous technology and research companies have settled here, so that one of the most important high-tech clusters in Germany has emerged. In addition, there is a varied history that has left its mark on many places in the city. That is why Dresden has numerous historical buildings that attract visitors from all over the world. & Nbsp;

New sports hall for the school in Zamenhofstrasse

One of the locations of the HOGA schools is Zamenhofstrasse. This building is shared by a high school and a general education high school. A new sports hall was built here in 2019. The inauguration took place in time for the new school year 2020/2021. The new sports hall is not only characterized by a colorful facade that attracts a lot of attention. There is also an outdoor sports field on the roof of the sports hall. A spectator stage is also integrated.

Reliable fall protection with X-TEND

When setting up a sports field on the roof of a building, reliable fall protection is of course very important. Those responsible decided on X-TEND from Carl Stahl ARC. These are stainless steel cable mesh, which are characterized by high strength and excellent weather resistance. They cover an area of around 100 square meters. In addition, the stainless steel cable mesh were used for the ball stop mesh. This is not only convenient for the user, as the balls remain on the sports field. It also contributes to the safety of passers-by on the floor.