X-TEND Colors | The golden solution at the Flowers Hotel Essen

X-TEND Colors | The golden solution at the Flowers Hotel Essen

The X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh from Carl Stahl Architektur has already been used for many outstanding construction projects. It enables excellent protection and a high degree of flexibility. Using the example of the Flower Hotel in Essen, we will introduce you to another property of the X-TEND network: By using different colors, you ensure an outstanding design.

X-TEND: the versatile fall protection

X-TEND is a fine mesh made of stainless steel. This material is extremely robust and therefore provides excellent fall protection even with a low thickness. You can put it on the balcony, on the stairs and in many other areas. Since this material is rust-free, it is also ideal for outdoor use. The mesh can be perfectly adapted to the shape of the building and therefore offers a wide range of possible uses. /

The technical implementation in the Flower Hotel Essen

In the Flower Hotel Essen, the X-TEND mesh is used as fall protection on the balcony. The use of a stainless steel mesh ensures an unusual appearance that clearly stands out from an ordinary railing. It also covers the entire height up to the next balcony and therefore ensures optimal safety. The rope diameter is only 2 mm, so that an inconspicuous and filigree structure is created. The mesh size is 60 mm.

X-TEND Colors - for a colorful design

The special thing about the use in the Flower Hotel in Essen is that the X-TEND Colors series is used. The mesh is available in many different colors: in red, green, blue, gold, white and black. In this way, it can be perfectly adapted to the design of the building. The Flower Hotel has chosen the X-TEND mesh in gold. This color is also used in some other parts of the building and furnishings. In this way, the securing of the balconies fits harmoniously into the overall picture and becomes an outstanding design element. The X-TEND fall protection is therefore not only functional, it also gives the building a very elegant impression.