X-TEND CXE ensures creativity and security on the school roof

X-TEND CXE ensures creativity and security on the school roof

In addition to the university, the technical colleges and the technical colleges, there are many enthusiastically run smaller schools that leave their mark on Leipzig as a location for education. One of these places is the Freie Rahnschule Leipzig. Here they are proud to enable students to learn in a context that is alive for them. In addition to promoting creativity and curiosity, movement is particularly important. And here at CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE we were able to bring our expertise into play. A sports facility was built on the roof of the sports hall. Here, the building managers secured the place with an X-TEND CXE stainless steel rope net.

The campus - free creativity meets fenced security

The campus of the Freie Oberschule Leipzig is located in the south of Leipzig, more precisely in the graphic quarter. Around 1,600 children and adolescents can expand their schooling here with many great and formative facets.
On the new campus, children in ...
the crib,

  • the kindergarten,
  •  primary school,
  • high school and
  • the music school

… Looked after. What started in 2004 with 15 pupils at the Kochstrasse in Leipzig is now a large school that is mainly based on inclusion after the renovation completed in summer 2019. According to the operators, embedding the Freie Rahnschule in a campus enables continuity in the educational demands and in the everyday life of the children. Here the children and young people can let their creativity run free. One possibility is the fenced sports field on the roof of the sports hall. Here the children can play basketball, soccer, handball and many other great outdoor activities. To ensure that the pupils are safe, the entire area has been equipped with a ball catch net, a vertical safety device including a rectangular net and an edging with a tube. The X-TEND stainless steel rope net has a mesh width of 40 mm up here.

Inclusion as an important element

In contrast to integration, in which children are cared for at a different learning pace or with different learning hurdles in their own class at school, at Rahn Schule these children are taught according to the principle of inclusion in regular classes. The important thing here is the lessons with the other children. In this way, all children learn social interaction with one another. In conceptual sociology, inclusion means a society in which every person is accepted on an equal footing and can also participate in it independently. This happens regardless of age, origin, gender, education, eventual disability or religious affiliation. The safety nets developed by CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE and their fastenings on the sports roof also meet the special requirements of all children. The X-TEND stainless steel rope net offers top fall protection, but remains so flexible that the children who bump into it with their zeal are gently rebounded without scratches.

Modernity at every nook and corner

The Free Rahnschule in Leipzig not only has high-quality modernity at the corners and edges of the sports area. The high technical standard can also be seen in the classrooms. Interactive boards are used here, for example. It also fits that you can project the learning content directly onto the board with an object camera. Security is also important to the lecturers. For example, the natural science experiments take place behind glass. The reason is that you want to teach as real as possible. This also includes dealing with gases or acids that could be dangerous for the pupils. The modernity of the new campus comes from the fact that the former extension building at Interdruck has been completely renovated. 13.6 million euros flowed into the renovation and modernization.

Rahnschule - convincing with this educational offer

The classrooms are all bright and spacious so that the students can follow everything well during the lesson. Inspired by the teachers, the atmosphere here is concentrated and friendly. Particular attention is paid here to the always up-to-date equipment. The laboratory materials, as well as the learning materials and media (computers, projectors, internet access) are state-of-the-art. In addition to the normal classes, the Rahnschule in Leipzig adds more. The pupils can choose between ...

  • - Foreign languages,
  • - a choir, -
  • dancing as a subject, -
  • professional orientation,
  • - project work

... and many other additional options. The breakdance class is particularly popular with schoolchildren.