X-TEND Fall protection

High quality and low maintenance fall protection

Whether for personal security on suspension bridges, viewing platforms, in air spaces or at helipads - the fall protection systems from CARL STAHL ARC are made of high-quality V4A stainless steel. This robust material is not only durable, but for the user, the low maintenance is a factor that lowers running costs.

The comparison of fall protection made of stainless steel wire rope mesh and fiber rope reveals that the latter are often installed as horizontal fall protection without static verification. In addition to residential buildings, some zoos also equip their large aviaries with fiber rope meshes. The problem, these have to be exchanged every 3 to 5 years, both in the living area and in zoo enclosures, in order to offer the necessary security.

The fall protection made of X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh requires almost no maintenance. Weather resistance to ice, hail, snow or UV radiation is also given. (evidenced by certificates - no, or which ?? BK). For example, the stainless steel cable meshes have fall protection certification (general building inspectorate approval) and the new version of the European Technical Approval is in preparation. (?? One can also mention ?? BK.)

The fall protection devices from CARL STAHL ARC were subjected to a pendulum impact test in accordance with the ETB guideline for components that protect against falling. The ETB guideline applies to non-loadbearing components which, in addition to the dead load, only absorb those loads which act on their surface and which are transferred to other components. Components tested in accordance with ETB guidelines take on a fall protection function for people and objects.

The load limits of the fall protection systems were also subjected to a drop test in accordance with DIN EN 12600. The framework conditions and test regulations used here were those of the German and European approvals.

With certification-relevant external monitoring, certified testing institutes ensure the reliability of the CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE product lines X-TEND and I-SYS & nbsp; (Attention: the fall protection is not checked and certified, only the products we use for it !. BK). Material quality, internal processes, permanent production monitoring and tensile tests during production are checked.

Installation of the fall protection device

Based on the quality of the horizontal and vertical fall protection, the assembly staff at CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR is also ideally qualified for their tasks. Equipped with a defined pressing tool (defined pressing geometries for correct power transmission), the filigree stainless steel wire rope meshes are securely and sustainably installed.

The assembly staff pay attention to non-positive crimping at all connection points. In this way, weak points are prevented. The X-TEND stainless steel rope meshesis completely connected to the supporting structure via edge meshes, rope loops and edge elements.

CARL STAHL ARC offers maintenance contracts for fall protection on request. These include annual inspections. This is how CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE supports the operators in their safety and maintenance obligations.