X-TEND safety | Chinese leopards in Hoyerswerda

X-TEND safety | Chinese leopards in Hoyerswerda

In the wild, people shouldn't be looking for direct contact, but in the Kulturzoo Hoyerswerda, visitors can watch the magnificent animals safely from a safe perspective.

So that the visitors and the impressive big cats are equally protected, the zoom management around zoo director Eugène Bruins decided in favor of a rope mesh enclosure with X-TEND stainless steel rope mesh CXE with a mesh size of 50 (wall mesh) regarding the new construction of the leopard enclosure in Zoo Hoyerswerda ) and 70 (roof mesh) millimeters and a net area of ​​410m².
The delicate and at the same time very robust and durable mesh structure is held by the interaction of I-SYS stainless steel cable assemblies with a total length of 200 meters. The different diameters of the I-SYS stainless steel ropes of 8, 12, 16 and 22 millimeters correspond to the static requirements of the enclosure structure, which were dimensioned according to a model developed by Carl Stahl ARC GmbH and Marlene Thimet for the zoo.

X-TEND protects animals and humans

Not only those responsible for the Hoyerswerda Zoo, but also many other zoos and zoological facilities all over the world use the highly transparent, yet safe stainless steel rope mesh structures from CARL STAHL ARC GmbH to keep the animals species-appropriate and the visitors to give an unobstructed view of the safe home of the animals.
These lightweight structures made of pre-stressed X-TEND rope meshare ideally adaptable to the respective requirements of zoo, humans and animals.

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Zoo Hoyerswerda - a paradise for animals

Since the Chinese leopards are excellent climbers, they prefer to stay on trees for protection and relaxation. The muscle-packed legs and claw-proof paws are excellent climbing tools and allow the big cat to climb even vertical, smooth tree trunks with ease. Not only do they sleep here, they also lie in wait for their prey.

In addition to the leopards, visitors to the Hoyerswerda Zoo can observe other stars. These include ...

  • the bear brothers Björn and Bengt,
  • the family meerkats,
  • the otter female Fibi or
  • the tame EmuDame Hilde.