X-TEND - stainless steel cable mesh


THE ORIGINAL - stainless steel mesh

Many years ago now, CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE came up with an innovative construction element that combines protection with aesthetic design: X-TEND. The potential applications for stainless steel mesh are exceptionally varied both indoors and outdoors. Amongst other things, it is used as balustrade in-fill, horizontal or vertical fall protection, dividers, façade cladding, green wall systems or simply very flexible design elements. Architecturally ambitious zoolutions such as lightweight, free-flight aviaries or big-cat enclosures with three-dimensional, curvilinear geometries are also built using X-TEND stainless steel netting. They are just one of the many specialities of CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE’s experienced planners and wire rope specialists.

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More about possible applications:


Safety and lightness


Protecting Architecture


The face of a building


Green ideas grow and prosper

Zoo enclosures

Esthetic and animal friendly enclosures

three-dimensional X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh


The intelligent combination of stainless steel cables and ferrulesis the key to a wide range of geometries for engineered cable mesh constructions.

Flexible X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh


The opposing curvature of the cables permits light, transparent structures possessing extermely high load capacity and long spans in relation to the low weight of the X-TEND material.

Safety X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh


X-TEND undergoes regular internal and external testing. Continuous factory production controls in accordance with a prescribed test plan are backed up by regular inspections by independent testing institutes to determine compliance with the European Technical Approval.

X-TEND Overview

X-TEND is manufactured from robust, high-grade DIN 1.4401/AISI 316 stainless steel cables. The cables are swaged with tinned copper (type CX) or stainless steel (types CXE and CXS) clamps in a special process to form a mesh structure that is both stressable and flexible and suited for either two- or three-dimensional applications. X-TEND keeps its shape indefinitely and stands for long lasting use.

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Rope diameter

X-TEND is fabricated from high-quality and robust stainless steel cables (material: AISI316). These are linked together by a special method using stainless steel ferrules to form a stressable yet flexible structure for two- or three-dimensional applications. X-TEND keeps its shape indefinitely and requires little maintenance only during its long lifetime.

Standard areas
Rope diameterMesh Width
1,0 mm25 mm – 200 mm
1,5 mm18 mm – 200 mm
2,0 mm30 mm – 400 mm
3,0 mm40 mm – 400 mm

Mesh geometry
The mesh width (MW) refers to the distance from the centre of one ferrule to the centre of the next ferrule. The optimal mesh geometry with an opening angle of 60° is given when the mesh width and the distance between the ferrules’ centres along the mesh's cables
are equal. This results in the ideal tension of the mesh and is the mathematical basis for the quantity take-off.

MW Mesh width (distance from center to center of ferrule) α Standard mesh opening 60 °

X-TEND Product diversity

- Securing and shaping
- Transparent and flexible
- Light and stable
- Two and three dimensional
- Innovative and durable
- High quality stainless steel
- Also in color
- For indoor and outdoor use
- Great utility
- Aesthetics and lifestyle
- sustainability and recycling
- Wide range of possible uses

XT1 stands for maximum flexibility. We offer you our X-TEND assembly service on your custom-made frames, provided to us.

There are (almost) no limits to the geometry and design of your frames. Whether round, rectangular or polygonal, flat or three-dimensional: we manufacture and mount X-TEND mesh to fit your frame. Cable mesh diameters of Ø1.5 – 3.0 mm are possible. Visually and also statically, the mesh width of the X-TEND nets is variable so that no customer wishes remain unfulfilled.


XT2 as a railing infill system consists of X-TEND stainless steel net covered in a frame with 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm stainless steel cables and different mesh sizes, with mesh sizes of 40 to 80 mm being the most commonly used.

The frames made of stainless steel with a tube diameter of 21.3 mm and 2 mm wall thickness are manufactured in both a rectangular design and a parallelogram shape for stairs.

Usually with a pitch angle of 25 to 35 °.
Special shapes are possible on request.


X-TEND stainless steel rope nets consisting of 1.5 mm or 2.0 mm stainless steel ropes and mesh sizes from 25 to 80 mm are held in frames made of lasered slot profiles.

The slotted profiles are available with a round cross-section with diameters of 21.3 mm and 26.9 mm, as well as square profiles with 20x20 mm and 30x30 mm.

The fully covered frames are made to measure according to customer requirements.

Both as a rectangular frame and as an inclined frame or in special shapes.

Correspondingly long frames can be stabilized with vertical intermediate rods.


Elegant, shapely and natural – characteristics that the FRAMEWORKX XT4 timber frame system combines. With the addition of XT4 to our product portfolio, we are expanding our range of frame systems, especially for interior or protected exterior applications. If stainless steel is a bit too cold and sterile for you, we can also offer you wood as a material in the future. The finish with saliva-proof oil or a special varnish as used for musical instruments completes the sanded surface. A look that is second to none.


X-TEND with colored stainless steel cables with an emission-free polymer layer in Rope diameter 1.5 / 2.0 / 3.0 mm.

The clamps can be ordered with a natural inox finish or blackened.

Standard colors from stock, as follows (any RAL colors available on request)

  • red
  • gold
  • White
  • Black

With X-TEND add-ons there are no limits to your imagination. Whether purely decorative or for the transmission of information.

Let yourself be inspired. X-TEND add-ons can be defined and developed on a project basis. Decorative and signal elements of all kinds can develop their effect as applications on X-TEND stainless steel nets.

Possible types of applications:

  • Sequins
  • Stainless steel strips
  • Light elements
  • Plastic elements
  • much more

You tell us the individual field dimensions and the number of pieces - we deliver precisely fitting X-TEND CXS mesh fields for easy assembly on the construction site.

The only tools required: rope shears and crimping pliers.


Many types of railings can be installed quickly and easily with CXS kits.

The CXS kits are available in lengths of 5, 10, 15, 20 and 25 m and can be at heights of 720 mm or 960 mm

(α 60 °) can be ordered as a complete kit with accessories for mounting the net edge.
Flexibly scalable net field heights can be achieved by adjusting the net opening angle from 50 - 70 °.

MW (mm) Net heights (mm)
40 720 960
60 720 960

X-TEND CXS MESH rolls 100 m and 150 m  length, available in different heights for different requirements in railing construction.

Flexible use for your various dimensional railing infill requirements.


Exemplary designs:

MW (mm) Net heights (mm)
40 760 960
50 750 950
60 780 960