Albino beech protected by X-TEND | Mogelsberg | Switzerland


Albino beech protected by X-TEND

Protected mood of nature

A very special rarity - the albino beech - was discovered on the Neckertal treetop path in Mogelsberg in Switzerland. A beech tree with white leaves. This rare specimen cannot photosynthesize due to the lack of chlorophyll in the leaves and is therefore actually not viable. And yet the little rare tree survives through the neighboring trees. This phenomenon is often referred to as a freak of nature or a miracle.

X-TEND protects the phenomenon

The albino beech is now 30 to 40 cm high. The location of the extraordinary tree has so far been kept secret. Now visitors to the treetop path can take a direct look at this rarity. The tree is protected by the X-TEND stainless steel cable meshes from Carl Stahl ARC. This was modeled on the growth form of the tree and protects the albino beech from damage to humans and animals.

X-TEND flexible and versatile
X-TEND offers a stylish design and can be used to match any railing structure and curvature. Our X-TEND stainless steel rope mesh can be used indoors and outdoors and is very versatile. It can be used both as a safety and design element. Thanks to the flexibility, almost all individual customer requests can be implemented. Three-dimensional shapes are also possible thanks to the light weight of the stainless steel cable mesh.

X-TEND application possibilities

  • Railing filling
  • Fall protection
  • Separation
  • Facade cladding
  • Greening
  • Project
    Albino Beech Mogelsberg, Mogelsberg, Switzerland
  • Application

    Safety & Design 

  • Products

    X-TEND CXE  


    ◊ 80 mm, ø 2 mm 

  • Architect
  • Photographer
    Albino Buche Mogelsberg