Stainless steel flower blossoms with X-LED lights | Changwon | South Korea

LED light design

Stainless steel flower blossoms with X-LED lights

Iridescent Blossom in Changwon

Not only do South Koreans live in a very meritocratic society, many of the inhabitants of the Asian country are very fond of art. One of the most famous exhibitions in South Korea is the Changwon Sculpture Biennale. Besides the exhibitions in ...

  • Seoul,
  • Gwangju and
  • Busan

... this is one of the most important sculpture shows in South East Asia.

The sculpture of a blossom with the melodious name Amaranth was one of the biggest crowd pullers. The artists exhibited the impressively large sculpture on a roof. The special thing about it was that an incredibly illuminated stainless steel flower blossomed through a total of 2,100 LED dots.

Strong stainless steel mesh with 2,100 light dots

In order to realize their vision, the artists used two perfectly suited products from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE. On the one hand, the inner blossom is wrapped around the stainless steel mesh X-TEND Colours. On the other hand, the X-LED Dots are used both inside and outside the installation.

During the time of the Biennale, the sculpture, consisting of 33 individual net fields, flattered the eyes of the numerous viewers on the roof. They shimmered in every single colour available for the X-TEND Colours stainless steel mesh. These 33 fields were covered with around 800 X-LED dots. The blossom in all its external splendour was covered exclusively with X-TEND Colours Red. More than 1,300 additional X-LED dots were used to magnificently illuminate the work of art.

  • Project
    Amaranth Changwon, Changwon, South Korea
  • Products

    X-LED, X-TEND Colours 60m², CXE, MW100mm, rope Ø 1,5mm and MW60mm, CXE, 1,5mm, 17m²

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