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Well-secured view of Paris with X-TEND Colors

Better living in BÂTIMENT "HOME"

Extraordinary, impressive and fabulous - these architectural superlatives come to mind when you look at the Bâtiment Home in Paris. The Home is the first high-rise residential building that has been built in the French capital since the 1970s. It is currently the spearhead of vertical living in the urban center of the metropolis. To secure the outside areas of the Bâtiment Home, X-TEND Colors stainless steel rope nets from CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR were tensioned.

Especially high-rise buildings have a hard time in Paris. The traditional Parisians love their city entirely without houses so high that disturb the panorama. Nevertheless, innovative high-rise ideas always succeed in inspiring even the most difficult to convince Parisians. & Nbsp; The skyscrapers redraw the Parisian horizon to expand it architecturally.

The first skyscraper in over 40 years

Paris was known until the 1970s for following an upward architectural gigantism. These structural excesses were then sworn off for more than 40 years. However, since living space is becoming scarce in the city of love due to urbanization, the decision was made to take the construction path back to new, yet familiar heights. Created by the architects of Hamonic + Masson and Comte et Vollenweider, the more than 50 meter high Bâtiment Home in the 13th arrondissement soars into the Parisian sky.

The Bâtiment Home holds a total of 200 apartments. Every resident enjoys a spacious balcony or one of the deep terraces. To ensure that people, animals or objects are protected against falling, the architects decided to use the X-TEND Colors stainless steel rope net in a golden color.

The wallflower of the Parisian quarter

The 13th arrondissement is considered a wallflower among the 20 arrondissements in Paris. Even though there are sights like ...

  • the Bibliothèque nationale de France,
  • the Gare d’Austerlitz,
  • the Les Frigos,
  • the tapestry manufactory and
  • the Salpêtrière Hospital

... are at home.

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