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Black Cristal: a special tree house near New York

X-TEND railing infill in nature

The Catskill Mountains are one of the most popular recreational areas for the residents of New York City. Located around 100 km north of the huge metropolis, they are an excellent destination even for a day trip. The hilly landscape and the endless forests make for an excellent Opportunity to relax from the stress of the big city.

A family from New Jersey has implemented a very special project in this picturesque area. In order to ensure intensive contact with nature, she built a tree house. This long-cherished dream cannot be realized at the family's main residence. The Catskill Mountains with their extensive forests offer ideal conditions for this. The residents did not want a classic design, but a modern design that creates interesting contrasts to the natural surroundings.

This is how the tree house is constructed

The tree house was built in a huge oak that is several decades old. This tree provides the necessary strength to support the entire structure. Solid steel beams are used to give the tree house the necessary stability. These are attached to the oak with steel cables and textile straps.

Details on the design:

  • - Oak as a supporting tree
  • - Structure made of galvanized powder-coated steel
  • - Wooden frame construction with a surface made of solid oak with a thickness of 20 mm
  • - insulation layer with 100 mm

The tree house is an impressive sight from the outside. The cladding is almost entirely black. She uses geometric shapes and diagonal lines that are reminiscent of a crystal. This is where the name of the project comes from: Lodge Black Cristal.

The dimensions of the tree house:

  • - Height terrace: 4.20 m
  • - Total height: 8.50 m
  • - Inner surface: 9.0 m²
  • - Terrace area: 13 m²

X-TEND for the railing infill: safety and modern design

With a terrace at a height of 4.20 meters, good fall protection is of course very important - especially since the residents are a family with children. In accordance with the modern design of the tree house, stainless steel cable mesh from X-TEND were used as the railing infill. This is a fabric made of fine steel cables with a thickness between 1 mm and 3 mm, depending on requirements. Therefore, the stainless steel cable mesh look very inconspicuous and contribute to a modern and open design. Thanks to the robust materials, they still provide optimal fall protection.
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  • Project
    Black Cristal, Catskill Mountains New York, USA
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    Railing infill and fall protection

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  • Architect
    Andreas Wenning dipl.-ing. architekt