X-TEND fall protection in the Bundeswehr technical school | Karlsruhe | Germany



X-TEND fall protection in the Bundeswehr technical school

CXE steel mesh for the Bundeswehr in Karlsruhe

The Bundeswehr built a modern and top equipped technical school in Karlsruhe, the famous fan city and seat of the Federal Court of Justice. We from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE were also allowed to contribute to the three-storey building, which has the shape of a propeller when seen from above. The X-TEND stainless steel netting protects the soldiers and teachers from falling from the balconies used for relaxation.

Communicating skills

Within a construction period of two years, the technical school was built for around 15 million euros on the site of the Neureuter Kirchfeld barracks. According to the German Armed Forces, one of the central tasks will be to make it easier for temporary soldiers to start a civilian life by imparting skills. The teachers are paying particular attention to IT training. According to headmistress Martina Mayer-Ullman, the project has made a dream come true.

Security is a top priority here

Of course, security always comes first with the Bundeswehr. That is why those responsible for the construction of the technical school used high-quality materials everywhere. The flexible and springy meshes of the X-TEND stainless steel netting stretch from floor to ceiling and from one side to the other on the balconies to prevent falls.

X-TEND stainless steel mesh for an unclouded view

Following has been placed all over the school grounds:

  • 300m² X-TEND stainless steel cable net
  • 2mm thick rope diameter
  • Net with 60 millimetre mesh size

The Bundeswehr technical school in Karlsruhe nestles perfectly into the surrounding natural environment. Forest and green spaces calm the observer. To ensure that this view is unclouded for the soldiers during lessons, the X-TEND stainless steel mesh also ensures that the view is unclouded. Here the command is "safe and yet transparent!

  • Project
    Bundeswehrfachschule Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany
  • Application

    Fall protection

  • Products



    Mesh width 60 mm


    Rope Ø 2 mm

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