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I-SYS catenary lighting at Heiningen

Stainless steel cables on the new town hall square

The I-SYS stainless steel rope offers numerous application possibilities. The Baden-Württemberg municipality of Heiningen has shown that this is also ideally suited for implementing catenary lighting. Such a cable assembly is an excellent alternative, especially in areas where the use of classic street lamps would be associated with some difficulties.

Illumination of the town hall square, the street and the sidewalks

Rathausplatz is located in the center of Heiningen and plays an important role in the community's cultural life. Therefore, good lighting in this area is extremely important. This must not only include the town hall square itself, but also the adjacent main street and its sidewalks. However, using classic street lights with their own masts for this task would involve huge expense. It would also be difficult to illuminate the entire space without the masts affecting use. A rope construction therefore represented an optimal solution in this area, so that those responsible chose this form of implementation.

I-SYS stainless steel cables for street lighting


For this rope assembly, the stainless steel ropes were stretched across the town hall square and the street. The individual lamps were then attached to this. In this way it is possible to illuminate all areas of the square perfectly. However, it is not necessary to put masts in the middle of the square, which would impair the use. The stainless steel cables can also be attached to existing beams. For example, the facade of the town hall and existing traffic signs were used. These give the rope assembly a firm hold. Since these fastening options were already available, the installation was quick and inexpensive. The ropes are made of high quality stainless steel. This is characterized by a high load-bearing capacity and excellent weather resistance. In addition, the rope assembly impresses with its modern appearance.

The advantages at a glance:

  • - Easy installation through the use of existing fastening options
  • - High strength and excellent weather resistance
  • - Modern appearance

The technical details of the rope assembly

A stainless steel cable with a thickness of 10 mm was used for the implementation. It was attached using a turnbuckle M14. This is also included in the I-SYS line. The M14 turnbuckle enables the stainless steel cable to be tightened and gives the entire device the necessary stability. The rope assembly consists of seven ropes with a total length of 224.5 m and it corresponds to the European Technical Approval ETA.

  • Project
    Cable support system at the Heiningen town hall, Heiningen, Germany
  • Application

    Cable support 

  • Products

    I-SYS  ø 10mm


    Turnbuckle with Forgfitting M14 

  • Photographer
    Carl Stahl ARC