Harmony in a green landsacape | Graz-Foelling | Austria
Graz_Parkhaus_Seilsystem_I-SYS_Carl Stahl ARC


Wire rope systems

Harmony in a green landsacape

Anyone keen to avoid the hassle of driving all the way into Graz city centre can leave their car at the park and ride site in Fölling and take the bus. The folded roof structure with its abundant greenery and the slatted façade transform this multi-storey car park into a highly original landmark. The façade slats are held in place by I-SYS stainless steel cables. The I-SYS screw-on cross clamps used to attach them are height-adjustable.
  • Project
    Car Park Graz Foelling, Graz-Foelling, Austria
  • Application

    Structural wire ropes for façade

  • Products

    I-SYS, ø 8 mm