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X-TEND streetball court in Munich

Chill-out iat Memminger Platz

Bavaria's state capital is considered the most densely populated city in Germany. In the idyllic Munich district of Moosach, around 5000 people live on 11 square kilometers. The central Memminger Platz was an eyesore: Parked cars and fallow gravel areas shaped the image of the area west of the Moosach train station. The square was redesigned in 2014 for 7.3 million euros to become more attractive as a meeting point.

Memminger Platz - a meeting point for young and old

The 9000 square meter Memminger Platz is a meeting point with many possibilities. Trees surround the place and shield it from the area around the station. Three “islands” make the place attractive for young and old. The lawn island is a point for meeting and chilling out. The round gastronomic spots leaves nothing to be desired and the fenced-in streetball facility with grandstand rounds off the leisure offer.

Streetball facility for the youth

The new streetball facility that was built is specifically intended for young residents between the ages of 14 and 18. They can show their skills there in front of an audience. The ball catch mesh holds balls where they belong.
This guarantees a safe and smooth flow of the game.

X-TEND ball stop net bordered all around

The X-TEND stainless steel protective mesh from Carl Stahl impresses with its stability, durability and flexibility. X-TEND adapts individually to the area to be protected. The streetball facility was fenced in with a mesh size of 304 square meters and a mesh size of 60 mm.. The streetball facility was fenced in with a total of 304 square meters of mesh size and a mesh width of 60 mm.

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  • Project
    Chill-out Memminger Platz, Munich, Germany
  • Application

    Safety mesh and Ball catch net

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    304 m2, ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm / ø 12 mm