Green X-TEND highlight in the Chinon shopping center | Hofheim | Germany
Chinon Center Fassadenbegrünung X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz


Green X-TEND highlight in the Chinon shopping center

Architectural highlight in the urban shopping area

The Taunus is one more landmark. In the Chinon Center shopping temple, people not only shop, families meet here to eat, go to the cinema and simply spend valuable time together. The Chinon Center shapes the cityscape of Hofheim socially as well as architecturally. In order to stand out with their own visual highlights in the cityscape, those responsible for the shopping center chose the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh from CARL STAHL ARC GmbH.

The X-TEND stainless steel cable net not only secures windows, it is above all the firmly anchored basis for greening the facade of the shopping paradise.

Security for people, habitat for insects

Built by the architectural firm Schulze & amp; The Chinon Center is a partner in Hofheim. The X-TEND stainless steel cable meshused spans 670 m² around many parts of the place where parents and children can spend large parts of their free time.

The upper part of the round facade thus offers a green oasis in the urban city center. People enjoy the sight of the growing plants, which are also excellent sources of oxygen. Above all, the plants also offer insects and other small animals a new retreat and living space in the middle of the city.

The Chinon Center offers plenty of opportunities

In addition to well-known global brands such as ...

  • Woolworth,
  • Tom Tailor,
  • Pizza Hut,
  • Müller,
  • Lidl,
  • Deichmann or also
  • H&M

… Hofheimers and all other visitors can also support regional companies with their shopping here. You will find special restaurants from the region here.

In addition to parking for cars, the Chinon Center also has 40 covered parking spaces for bicycles. In addition to regular shopping, people also use the Chinon Center for their entertainment. In the integrated cinema you can not only enjoy the latest top films from Germany, but also the blockbusters of Hollywood with a good portion of popcorn.

  • Project
    Chinon Center, Hofheim, Germany
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  • Products

    X-TEN D CX


    670 m2, ◊ 180 mm, ø 2 mm

  • Architect
    Schulze & Partner Architektur