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Daimlerbrücke Sindelfingen

The Mercedes Benz plant in Sindelfingen is the most traditional vehicle plant of Daimler AG. One can be proud of a history spanning more than a hundred years. Sindelfingen is the largest city in the Boeblingen district and 15 km from the state capital Stuttgart. The city is shaped by the auto industry. The world's largest Daimler plant with around 35,000 employees is located here.

Traditional plant with research and development

To connect the two plants on the left and right of the motorway access road, a 34-meter-long and 7-meter-wide bridge was built on the factory premises. The bridge is purely a factory-internal pedestrian and car thoroughfare.

The connection via Rudolf-Diesel-Straße not only fits into the industrial environment but also enhances the appearance of the town entrance. The bridge was officially put into operation at the beginning of 2020.

X-TEND design meets security

The choice of the railing infill fell on our X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh. Carl Stahl ARC combines design with safety. A total of 88 square meters of stainless steel rope mesh with a mesh size of 60 mm and a rope thickness of 1.5 mm give the bridge that certain something. A style element with the highest safety standards - that is our X-TEND. The solution for parapet railings and fall protection can be used flexibly indoors and outdoors.

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  • Project
    Daimlerbrücke Sindelfingen, Sindelfingen, Germany
  • Application

    Railing infills and fall protection

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    88 m², ◊ 60 mm, ø 1.5 mm 

  • Photographer
    Johanna Niescken /Stefan Dziewas