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Empire of Cats

X-TEND enclosure in Berlin Zoo

Visitors can enjoy impressive animal encounters at Berlin Zoo in the completely renovated predator house, which was originally opened back in 1970. As it was no longer up to date, the house had to undergo extensive renovation work. Now the spacious enclosure is a world of experience worth seeing for both humans and animals because the habitats created in an elaborate manner recall the inhabitants’ homes in the wild.

The Empire of Cats, as it is known, offers feline predators such as leopards, jaguars and also some smaller predators a new home. A total of more than 240 animals from 33 species now live in the predator house on an area of 4,200 square metres, with a further 3,700 square metres in the outdoor enclosures.

X-TEND enclosure – always a good choice

The enclosure areas with different animal-friendly mesh sizes made of X-TEND stainless steel mesh are not only an important safety element, but also blend harmoniously into the surroundings. Safety combines with aesthetics. X-TEND stainless steel mesh from Carl Stahl ARC is hard-wearing and durable: the right choice for predator enclosures which comply with the highest safety criteria.

X-TEND Colours black – almost invisible facilitating a close-up visitor experience

Black-coated stainless steel cables and blackened ferrules as used in Berlin Zoo create a mesh structure barely visible to the naked eye. The X-TEND stainless steel mesh blends with the background. Tree rings for holding trees were incorporated into the roof mesh on different trees with a trunk circumference of up to 3 metres. This way, the tree population could be protected without interrupting the enclosure. The enclosure was secured with more than 2,200 square metres of X-TEND stainless steel mesh. 

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    ◊ 20 / 30 / 50 / 70 mm, ø 1,5 / 2,0 / 3,0 mm


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