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X-TEND secures in stylish gold

Modern "flower" hotel in Essen well wetted

In Essen, in the center of the Ruhr area, guests of the city will find the modern Flowers Hotel. The Flowers Hotel scores with trade fair visitors as well as with friends of contemporary art. Close to the Folkwang Museum and the Red Dot Design Museum, the Flowers Hotel is the ideal starting point for many exciting and unique food visits.

Those in charge of the Flower Hotel want to provide their guests with a transparent and safe view of the Rhine-Ruhr metropolis. Instead of a conventional balcony railing, a golden X-TEND stainless steel cable net secures every single room balcony. In Germany, this form of transparent security in hotel architecture is a novelty. The design allows guests to freely admire the beauty of the surroundings.

Fresh and new - the Flowers Hotel in Essen

The Flowers Hotel opened in July 2020. It is proud to be located right in the center of Essen. The guests have an excellent breakfast and can then reach the central Essen room without stress.

The rooms are well equipped. Each of them with a balcony is secured by the resilient, but not tearing X-TEND stainless steel cable net. A fabulous 3,300 m² of high-quality stainless steel rope net in stylish gold was used for the entire building. In the interior of the first floor, the X-TEND was also used extensively instead of conservative railings.

X-TEND stainless steel cable net as fall protection

Not only the fair in Essen is world famous. In the city on the Ruhr you can find ...

  • the Zollverein Museum (UNESCO World Heritage Site),
  • the mansion Villa Hügel,
  • the Borbeck Castle or
  • the Baldeneysee.

The operators of the Flower Hotel opted for the variant with a 2 millimeter rope diameter for their X-TEND stainless steel rope net. With a mesh size of 60 millimeters, it serves as an airspace network and as a fall protection. Thanks to the mesh size, hotel guests can simply open the windows and balcony doors without a bird, for example, being able to fly into the room. And if someone at the Flowers Hotel wants to enjoy an even better view of the city of Essen, they can simply go to the comfortable roof terrace. The view is unique.

  • Project
    Flowes Hotel Essen, Essen, Germany
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    Fall protection

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    Mesh Width, ◊ 60 mm / Ø  2 mm,

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    Baldauf & Baldauf