A thimble full of art and X-TEND in San Antonio | San Antonio | USA
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A thimble full of art and X-TEND in San Antonio

Shimmering flowers as a greeting

San Antonio is the seventh largest city in the United States with 1.5 million inhabitants. Health care for so many people is a challenge. One of the most important points of contact for citizens is the San Antonio University Hospital. The work of art "Foxglove" shimmers in the entrance area so that visitors immediately feel welcome.

Ed Carpenter, known for his large public installations, designed a lantern that embodies the shape of a foxglove wildflower. CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE is proud that the artist used the X-TEND stainless steel rope net for his sculpture. He put hundreds of shimmering and glittering glass sequins on it. He literally created a highlight, i.e. a highlight in the foyer of the place, which promises healing and help to the people in San Antonio.

San Antonio is the oldest city in Texas

After Houston, San Antonio is "only" the second largest city in Texas, but the oldest. Already in 1691 the area of ​​today's San Antonio was explored by a vanguard of Spanish conquerors. The missionaries in the group named this piece of earth after Saint Anthony of Padua. The mission station founded here was called San António de Valero.

Even then, the graceful bloom of the wildflower foxglove bloomed all over Texas every spring. But this may only be one reason why Ed Carpenter chose this flower. Another is the Latin name of the foxglove - digitalis. The name is known to many cardiac patients because the cardiac medication Digitalis was extracted from the foxglove for a long time.

Foxglove can also be fatal

Eating foxgloves can quickly end badly. In addition to its therapeutic properties, the plant also has toxic properties. Ed Carpenter's artistic style is closely interwoven with the network structure in general. You can see this when you look at works like ...

  • the crocus in Taiwan,
  • the Harvest in Lincoln,
  • the Mesaflora in Mesa,
  • the Council Bluffs Gateway in Iowa,

... or its many other exciting and special installations.

  • Project
    “Foxglove”, University Hospital, San Antonio, USA
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    1.700 m2, ◊ 160 mm, ø 2 mm

  • Architect
    Ed Carpenter Studio/Perkins & Will