Welcome to the rope jungle | Leipzig | Germany
Gondwanaland Hängebrücke I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsysteme

Wire rope systems

Welcome to the rope jungle

Gondwandaland is a covered area at Leipzig zoo where visitors can marvel at ninety exotic animal species plus more than five hundred different trees and plants from Africa, Asia and South America. In addition to the five animal enclosures, CARL ST AHL ARCHITE CTURE also designed the suspension bridges. This particular bridge is anchored with I-SYS stainless steel cables 30 metres long and 26 millimetres in diameter; these wire ropes are in turn attached to the vertical I-SYS cables from which the walkways are suspended.
  • Project
    Gondwanaland Suspension Bridge, Leipzig, Germany
  • Application

    Bridge ropes

  • Products

    I-SYS, horizontal ø 26 mm/vertikal ø 10 mm