Tree of life as a symbol of sustainability | Munich | Germany
Hausbank München X-TEND Begrünungsgestaltung


Tree of life as a symbol of sustainability

Hausbank München is one of Bavaria’s top ten cooperative banks. An abstract tree sculpture in the circular atrium at the Munich headquarters is intended to portray three central pillars of the bank’s philosophy: stability, sustain- ability and value-driven thinking. The mesh size of the horizontal X-TEND netting that surrounds the “World Tree” increases the farther away it gets from the centre. This mesh, which simultaneously forms a trellis structure, has stones attached to it by I-SYS stainless steel cables as decoration.
  • Project
    Hausbank München, Munich, Germany
  • Application

    Greenery Design

  • Products



    50 m2,◊ 250–500 mm, ø 4 mm / ø 8 mm