X-TEND Geländerfüllung Hafenviertel



On the waterwalk in Hoboken you can enjoy the view of Manhattan in a fascinating way. Especially in the evening you can see the illuminated Manhattan skyline. Hoboken is a city in New Jersey - right on the Hudson River across from Manhattan. A city with a water content of 35%. Hoboken is located on a former island in what is now the Hudson River and has two landing stages for ferry lines on the Hudson River. The ferries that run there regularly connect the place with Manhattan. Until the middle of the 20th century, Hoboken's banks were largely industrial and inaccessible to the public. Today, docks and factories have been replaced with parks and boardwalks, and new apartments, condos, offices, restaurants, and shops are nearby. With a lively downtown atmosphere and several quaint pier parks, the Hoboken Waterfront is a quaint, fun area with excellent views of New York City.

The Pier C Park

The small, beautifully landscaped Park Pier C is part of a new generation of publicly accessible recreation areas along the waterfront and is located on the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway in Hoboken, New Jersey.

X-TEND railing infill for a carefree view

In order to be able to safely enjoy the 500 meter long walk around the park, the railing with the stainless steel cable mesh X -TEND by Carl Stahl ARC filled. A total of 480 square meters of stainless steel cable mesh with a mesh size of 60 mm are used in the railing. Our X-TEND railing fillings are very flexible compared to glass, metal or rods and meet building regulations with a low dead weight Conditions. Railing fillings made of stainless steel cable meshes offer security and flexibility. Any course of the railing can be ideally covered with the mesh.

X-TEND railing solutions right on the water

  • Atlantic Road Norway
  • Marienbrücke, Austria
  • Foot and cycle bridge Sassnitz, Germany
  • Mur Bridge, Austria
  • Project
    Hoboken Waterfront Pier C, New Jersey, USA
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    480 m2, ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm

  • Architect
    Michael Van Valkenburg & Partner