Where play is sheer enjoyment | Stuttgart | Germany
Treppenfahne Treppensicherung mit X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz


Where play is sheer enjoyment

Clambering and romping around is only natural in childcare facilities. Safety is the number one priority at all times. The KEKS House in Stuttgart, which provides specialist care for sick children, is a particularly successful example. Blackened X-TEND stainless steel mesh, employed indoors as vertical fall protection, extends from floor to ceiling up the stairs and along a gallery. The mesh fades into the background, allowing the architecture itself to take the limelight. Thanks to the open-plan entrance area, the sun shines through the skylight all the way down to the ground floor.
  • Project
    KEKS House, Stuttgart, Germany
  • Application

    Staircase Safety

  • Products

    X-TEND Colours Schwarz/black / I-SYS


    70 m2, ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm / ø 10 mm

  • Architect
    Bez + Kock Architekten
  • Photographer
    Steffen Vogt