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Kelsterbach Terrace: high-quality fall protection with X-TEND

Great railing infill in the green

Great railing fillu

The Kelsterbach Terraces are an impressive natural landscape of interconnected river terraces on the banks of the Main River, located south of Frankfurt. This area has been settled for thousands of years. A variety of finds prove that people lived here as early as the Stone Age. The river terrace is between 12 and 17 metres high and about eight kilometres long. The Kelsterbach terraces are not only known to the people in the surrounding area because of their archaeological significance. It is also a very popular local recreation area. The river terrace is almost entirely forested and also offers an impressive view of the surrounding area. In order to ensure a safe stay for the visitors, it is necessary to use a reliable fall protection system due to the considerable height. For this purpose, those responsible opted for X-TEND from Carl Stahl.

X-TEND stainless steel cable nets for a near-natural implementation

X-TEND is a stainless steel cable net that is woven into fine meshes. Due to the high strength of this material, only a very small rope thickness is required here to achieve high strength. This allows a very natural implementation of fall protection. The stainless steel rope nets are very robust and therefore guarantee optimal safety. Nevertheless, they appear very inconspicuous due to the low rope strength. Therefore, they hardly impair the natural impression of the landscape. Moreover, they practically do not restrict the view. Therefore, visitors can look at the river undisturbed without any danger. In addition, the stainless steel railing infill is extremely weather-resistant. Therefore, it is ideally suited for use in the forest.

Technical details of the railing infill with X-TEND

The rope diameter used in this project is 1.5 mm. The mesh size is  40 mm. This makes it clear once again, that this structure has an extremely transparent optic. A total of 16m² of X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh was installed. This way, an extensive fall protection is ensured on the entire Kelsterbach terraces.

  • Project
    Kelsterbach Terrassen, Frankfurt am Main, Deutschland
  • Application

    Railing infill

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    126m²  ◊ 40 mm, ø 1,5 mm 

  • Photographer
    Baldauf & Baldauf