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X-TEND Colours in blue

Up to 6 colors on offer

Holland and football have a long and successful tradition. Even though the last major national team title came from 1988 (European champion), the players who were trained by the Dutch football association KNVB shaped many successful teams. This world class is lived in every part of the KNVB - also in the medical department.

The football association's medical headquarters is called the Sport Medical Center (SMC). In addition to professional footballers, amateur players are also looked after here. They specialize in the prevention and rehabilitation of soccer injuries. In order for the SMC premises to be separated but still permeable to light and air, the KNVB decided to install the X-TEND stainless steel cable network with a large mesh size.

Players, coaches and referees - a football center

The heart of Dutch football has been beating in Zeist for more than half a century. All national Dutch selections use the KNVB campus to train. The country's trainers are also trained here. If you want to be a referee in Holland, you come here. It is also the best known and best rehabilitation center for soccer players in the country.

Those responsible for the SMC have recognized the medical importance of treatment rooms that are flooded with sunlight. Daylight promotes vitamin D production and counteracts depression. In order to get the full "load" of sunlight into all rooms, highly transparent X-TEND stainless steel cable nets were installed instead of light-blocking walls. This creates permeability, but also separates the rooms.

X-TEND provides light and security

In addition to being used as a room divider, the X-TEND is also used for safety in the headquarters of Dutch football. The railings in the stairwells are filled with the resilient, flexible, yet stable stainless steel net.

The KNVB campus opened its gates on the site on September 1, 2016. Activities such as ... can be found there today.

  • Training camp for the national teams,
  • business meeting,
  • Association events and
  • the KNVB soccer camps for young people

... instead. According to the KNVB, the campus is intended to ensure the high quality of the football based there for years to come.

  • Project
    KNVB Campus, Zeist, Netherlands
  • Application

    Separation, balustrade infill

  • Products

    X-TEND CX ◊ 200 mm, ø 1,15 mm, X-TEND CX ◊ 50 mm, ø 1,15 mm