Blaues Netz Abtrennung Schutznetz X-TEND Edelstahl-Seilnetz


X-TEND Colours in blue

On the grounds of the KNVB Campus of the Dutch Football Association the Sports Medical Centre (SMC) is situated. The SMC is the expertise center for amateur and professional football player and is specialized on the rehabilitation and prevention of football injuries. To separate the different functionalities of the rooms light and transparently, a blue X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh was selected with a large mesh width.
  • Project
    KNVB Campus, Zeist, Netherlands
  • Application

    Separation, balustrade infill

  • Products

    X-TEND CX ◊ 200 mm, ø 1,15 mm, X-TEND CX ◊ 50 mm, ø 1,15 mm