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Play oasis in the urban jungle of Hong Kong with X-TEND & I-SYS

Ball games while waiting for a train

Ball sports are also becoming increasingly popular in Hong Kong. The builders of the urban Kowloon train station also jumped on this train. A ball playground was created to allow waiting children to play with the children. To ensure that the footballs, tennis or basketballs do not interfere with playing on the neighboring playground, our local sales partner installed an X-TEND stainless steel rope mesh in accordance with the specifications of CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE.

In addition to the X-TEND stainless steel rope mesh, the builders of the sports area also used the I-SYS stainless steel wire rope. The two high-quality products form the boundary between the Hong Kong concrete and glass jungle and the Kowloon station. No fewer than 16 skyscrapers look like gigantic bodyguards for the comparatively small train station.

Kowloon is a popular name

At Kowloon Station, people can board the wagons of the Airport Express subway line. This is a direct connection between the lively center of Hong Kong and Chep Lap Kok Airport (Hong Kong International Airport). Kowloon is a popular name in the Chinese-Hong Kong station structure. Not only the Kowloon Station MTR station presented here bears this name, the West Kowloon station on the famous high-speed Guangzhou-Shenzhen-Hong Kong route is also called that. There is also the MTR Austin Station. During the construction period, it was, so to speak, the "working title" West Kowloon Station.

The total area of ​​the entire Kowloon Station is six hectares. This is almost half of the entire Union Square, on the area of ​​which the station was built. To ensure that the departure at the destination station, the airport, takes place quickly, there is also a check-in counter for passengers on one of the three station floors.

Space for the child's urge to move

Surrounded by a green stripe of nature, the small and large children can live out their urge to move on the sports field. The children can practice ball sports in the “sports cage”. Outside there is a playground where the little ones ...

  • slip,
  • climb,
  • seesaw,
  • frolic

... and can also play hide-and-seek thanks to the slightly angular construction.

  • Project
    Kowloon Station Tennis Court, Hongkong, China
  • Application

    Ball catch net

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    320 m2, ◊ 80 mm, ø 2 mm / ø 12 mm