Kulturhof Stanggass | Bischofswiesen | Deutschland
Kulturhof Stanggass X-TEND



Kulturhof Stanggass

Time out in the mountains

The Kulturhof Stanggass is an enchanting retreat that offers a harmonious interplay of culture, nature, enjoyment and relaxation in a breathtaking mountain landscape. The surrounding nature invites you to enjoy a variety of activities in the picturesque surroundings. Special festivals and inspiring events, outdoor activities and musical cultural events take place here.


At Kulturhof Stanggass, safety and aesthetics are in harmony. Our railing infills and guardrails, which cover a total of 124 square metres, are fitted with stainless steel mesh with a mesh width of 60 mm and a rope diameter of 1.5 mm. These precisely manufactured elements not only guarantee the highest safety standards, but also fit seamlessly into the aesthetic surroundings of the Kulturhof Stanggass. They allow visitors to enjoy the mountain scenery to the full without worrying about their safety and contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the Kulturhof.

  • Project
    Kulturhof Stanggass, Bischofswiesen, Deutschland
  • Application

    Railing infill & fall protection

  • Products

    X-TEND/ I-SYS 


    total 124 m², ◊ 60 mm, ø 1,5 mm 

  • Architect
    Arc Architekten
  • Photographer
    Josefine Unterhauser