Bridge for future-oriented urban design with X-TEND | Landsberg: an der Lech | Deutschland



Bridge for future-oriented urban design with X-TEND

Lady-Herkomer-Steg in Landsberg:

The town of Landsberg stretches across both sides of the Lech River. This does not always make it easy to get from one area of the city to another if the latter is on the opposite bank of the river. Until now, this often required longer car journeys to the next bridge. With the Lady Hercomer footbridge, the city of Landsberg has significantly improved the connection between the two sides of the river. This footbridge is suitable for pedestrians and cyclists and often ensures significantly shorter distances. It is intended to contribute to the mobility turnaround and is an important element of the Landsberg 2035 urban vision. It connects the old town with the urban centre on the Papierbach, which is located on the opposite bank.

Fall protection with appealing design

For a footbridge over a river, a bridge railing is of course necessary for fall protection. However, the design of the Lady Herkomer footbridge presented a special challenge. On the one hand, the railing had to ensure a high level of safety - also for children walking over the footbridge. On the other hand, this was an important project for the future, which should connect the different areas of the city. This should also be reflected in the design. It should be open, inviting and connecting. For these reasons, the architects decided to use the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh. This is extremely robust and thus provides excellent fall protection. A mesh size of only 35 mm results in a high level of safety - even for small children. Nevertheless, this filigree mesh appears very open and offers an impressive view of the river. It contributes to a modern design and thus underlines the future-oriented character of the structure.

Technical details of the implementation

A total of 253 m² of X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh was installed on the Lady Herkomer footbridge. 
The rope diameter was 1.5mm and the mesh width 35mm. The I-SYS border rope system has a diameter of 6 mm. 
A special feature here is that the stainless steel cable mesh as well as the border rope, are designed in black color and thus also set very interesting visual accents.

  • Project
    Lady Herkomer Steg, Landsberg: an der Lech, Deutschland
  • Application

    Bridge railing

  • Products



    253m², ◊ 35 mm, ø 1,5 mm 


    I-SYS  500m, ø  6 mm 

  • Photographer
    Roland Halbe Architekturfotografie