Elegant tree houses with outstanding comfort & X-TEND security | Lütetsburg | Germany




Elegant tree houses with outstanding comfort & X-TEND security

Lütetsburg Treehouse - Lodges

In Lütetsburg - not far from the North Sea coast - a very special tree house project has been created. The complex comprises three stilt houses, which offer the residents intensive contact with nature and an incomparable view of the appealing landscape. They are part of a larger complex that includes a historic castle with an extensive park and a golf course.

Tree house for intensive contact with nature

The landscape around Lütetsburg is characterized by a special fascination. It consists of gently rolling hills, small forests and is characterized by its proximity to the unique Wadden Sea. This environment is made for natural construction. For this reason, the planners of the facility decided to build tree houses. In this way, the guests live in the midst of the fascinating treetops. In this way you can observe the diverse bird species in this region. And there are also many animals to be seen on the ground - such as fallow deer and hares. The elevated position is also ideal for observation. The architecture of the houses creates an appealing contrast to this landscape with its modern style and contributes to a unique overall picture.

Although these are tree houses, no trees were used for the load-bearing construction. Instead, the houses stand on high steel stilts. This way they are in the middle of the tree tops. The houses consist of a wooden structure with good insulation. Geothermal heating provides cozy warmth even in winter. Some more technical details are listed below.

  • - Structure: steel frame construction with 4 vertical and 4 inclined steel supports.
  • - Terrace construction with 4 steel supports
  • - Heights above terrain: first terrace: 3.00 m , Living area: 4.20 m
  • - interior area: 54.00 m²
  • - terrace area: 14.00 m²

Stainless steel rope mesh from X-TEND for high-quality fall protection

Due to the elevated position of the tree houses, good fall protection is very important. The architects opted for a railing infill that is very robust and makes an outstanding visual impression: stainless steel cable mesh from X-TEND. These are used for both the terraces and the balconies. This railing infill has the following advantages:

  • - High mechanical strength for excellent security
  • - Inconspicuous design for an open impression
  • - Outstanding flexibility
  • - Different colors for one attractive design
  • Project
    Lütetsburg Treehouse – Lodges, Lütetsburg, Germany
  • Application

    Railing infill and fall protection

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  • Architect
    Andreas Wenning dipl.-ing. architekt