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X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh melkweg bridge


Draw an arch with bridges X-TEND ensures security


The Melkweg Bridge in Purmerend in Holland is a beautifully curved bridge that does not obstruct shipping and is nevertheless a great and safe bridge for pedestrians. With a span of 66 and a height of 12 meters, the Melkweg Bridge connects the old town of Purmerends with the new Weidevenne district. If other bridges rise gently and leisurely from the bank, the architects have chosen a steeper path.

For Dutch standards, the top of the Melkweg bridge marks, if not a mountain, then a large hill. A total of 400 m² of the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh from CARL STAHL ARC GmbH ensure lateral safety from falling on the bridge.

A new landmark for Purmerend

The narrow width of the canal and the buildings (streets, buildings) around it made such a steep bridge construction necessary. The bridge is not suitable for cyclists or wheelchair users. The reason that the required angle of inclination could not be maintained is due to the development mentioned above and the resulting steepness. Instead of the 66 meters, a bridge with a total length of 100 meters would have been needed.

On top of the Melkweg bridge you can enjoy a unique view of the historic city center and at the same time of the newly created district. The city administration and the architects defined the bridge design not only for practical but also for aesthetic reasons. Since its opening, the Melkweg Bridge has been the city's new landmark.

X-TEND - light, flexible and yet highly resilient

According to the architects, the X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh was used due to the high flexibility. It is also suitable for construction projects that require a flexible yet lightweight material that can also withstand large load and impact forces. Of course, the look had to be right for the architects as well.

In addition to the Melkweg Bridge, there are also other sights to see in Purmerend. These include, among others ...

  • the Purmerend Museum,
  • the national forest area,
  • the landscape conservation area De Dwarsgouw and
  • the organ in the Lutherkirche (Lutherse Kerk).
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    Melkweg Bridge, Purmerend, Netherlands
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    Bridge railings

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    400 m2, ◊ 40 mm, ø 1,5 mm