Museum warehouse with a green facade | Leeuwarden | Netherlands


Museum warehouse with a green facade

I-SYS sets a natural nuance

In the Dutch province of Friesland, which the locals call Fryslân, is the “Kolleksiesintrum Fryslân”. More precisely, in the city of Leeuwarden, the five museums located here store their small and large treasures in this huge warehouse complex. In order for the facade to correspond in color and ecologically with the meadow that generously surrounds the area, the building was greened with the X-TEND stainless steel cable network, the I-SYS stainless steel cable system and the GREENCABLE.

CARL STAHL ARC supplied the high-quality climbing aid, on whose securely anchored steel cables a large number of plants form a natural habitat along the facade upwards. Similar to many urban buildings, this created a retreat for insects and birds, where humans actually pushed back nature.

Stainless steel climbing aid from CARL STAHL ARC

The "Kolleksiesintrum Fryslân" is located in Leeuwarden. Here, 1,000 m² of the X-TEND encompass the storage facility and, in combination with the vegetation, create an innovative energy and air conditioning concept. Around 2,000 rope crosses were used as reinforcement so that the plants also find a firm hold. An important part of why those responsible opted for this type of greening is that it reduces the general ecological burden. The X-TEND, the I-SYS and the GREENCABLE act as climbing aids to protect the climate and the environment.

Ecological, sustainable and historical

In Holland people fear rising sea levels like in no other European country. We are happy when people become more aware of climate and environmental protection. Sustainable architectural concepts are intended to help the climate return to a safe level. A positive side effect of the ecological component is the aesthetic one. The facade of the "Kolleksiesintrum Fryslân" in Leeuwarden looks very appealing.

To Leeuwarden, five museums transport the things that an exhibition has behind them or still in front of it. These museums are ...

  • the Fries Museum (largest provincial museum in the Netherlands),
  • das Tresoar (repository of the history of Fryslân),
  • the Fries Scheepvaartmuseum (Maritime Museum),
  • the nature museum and the
  • Agricultural Museum.

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