X-TEND Sicherheit Fassade Edelstahl-Seilnetz




A work of art for the little ones

Eibelstadt am Main triangle is one of the pearls of Franconia. In terms of area, it is the smallest city in Bavaria. In & nbsp; the catholic day care center & nbsp; St Nikolaus there are & nbsp; five mixed-age & nbsp; groups between the ages of & nbsp; 3 & nbsp; to & nbsp; 6 years and three crèche groups aged 10 months to 3 years. Children are always on the move - this is how they perceive their environment. They run, romp, jump and balance. You don't know any danger yet and test everything out. A high level of security must therefore be ensured in a daycare center - because that creates trust and freedom of movement.

A dream for children and parents

The St. Nikolaus daycare center in Eibelstadt was completely renovated and expanded in 2017. Everyone here worked together under the motto “We go hand in hand”. Even from the outside, the daycare center is an eye-catcher. The X-TEND mesh facade not only offers the highest level of security, it is also an absolute eye-catcher. The sequined X-TEND in front of the terraces and the footbridge, which also serves as an escape route, is reminiscent of a colorful ball pit. Every child can move around freely, romp and play. The smaller mesh size in the lower third of the mesh effectively prevents the children from climbing up. This is how children and parents feel good.

X-TEND by Carl Stahl ARC

The X-TEND steel cable mesh is a security and design element at the same time. The areas of application of the stainless steel cable network are versatile, indoors and outdoors. In the St. Nikolaus day care center, the network has combined several functions:

  • Façade protection
  • Fall protection
  • Security in connection with design elements

& nbsp;

  • Project
    Nursery Eibelstadt, Eibelstadt, Germany
  • Application

    Façade safety / Fall protection / Design

  • Products


    233 m2, ◊ 40 mm + ◊ 80 mm, ø 2 mm / ø 8 mm

  • Architect
    Architecture Office Jäcklein
  • Photographer
    Ralf Dieter Bischoff