Shiny fall protection at the children's house | Stuttgart-Botnang | Germany
Stuttgart-Botnang,-KiTa-Kirchhaldenschule-X-TEND Colours farbiges Edelstahlseilnetz


Shiny fall protection at the children's house

Fall protection in a golden look

There are no more rigid bars, which are more reminiscent of a prison. Instead, the children who are in the children's house of the Kirchhalden School in Stuttgart-Botnang were given flexible, transparent and yet secure protection. Following the recommendation of Günter Hermann Architects, those responsible at the school decided to install the X-TEND Colours stainless steel mesh.

Unobstructed view for free children

The golden shimmering X-TEND Colours stainless steel mesh, which is laid all around the building, encloses both the outside corridors and the staircases. The children's house is the first of its kind to be built by the City of Stuttgart in such a way that the day-care centre is combined with the full-day area of the primary school in a single building. Although both areas are to be separated in a structured way, this does not affect the desired synergies.

It was special for us at CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE to use a mesh size of 40 millimetres on the lower floor of the X-TEND and 70 millimetres on the upper floor without intermediate ropes.

X-TEND in the overall concept of the school

The stainless steel netting gives the children an unobstructed view of the numerous outdoor leisure activities offered by the children's house. This promotes anticipation. The open design of the façade through the use of the stainless steel net is a component of the overall concept of the Kirchhaldenschule school location. All the building measures undertaken fit harmoniously into the overall picture as intended, without however losing their independent character. In particular, the golden colour of the X-TEND Colours stainless steel mesh plays its part in enriching the overall impression of the children's house without being pushed into the background.

X-TEND stainless steel mesh is also used in many other projects around the world. For ...

- the railing protection at the treetop path in the Black Forest,

- the parking garage of the Klinik am Eichert or also

- the outdoor enclosure of the capuchin monkeys in the Augsburg Zoo

... the builders combine the safety idea with the visual transparency of the X-TEND stainless steel mesh.

  • Project
    Nursery Kirchhaldenschule, Stuttgart-Botnang, Germany
  • Application

    Fall protection with combined mesh diamond sizes

  • Products

    X-TEND / I-SYS


     ◊ 40 mm &  ◊ 70 mm

  • Architect
    Günter Hermann Architects Stuttgart