X-TEND SAFETY WITH A VIEW | Waidring, Tirol | Austria
Aussichtsplattform Geländerfüllung X-TEND




The Steinplatte viewing platform in the Austrian Tyrol offers a clear and unobstructed view of the Chiemgau Alps and deep insights into the world far below. Visitors can look into the distance and also steeply down. To ensure that no one is in danger of falling from the viewing platform, the responsible persons have installed many safety devices - one of them is the X-TEND CX stainless steel safety mesh.

70 metres above the ground, the platform stretches far into the alpine and valley panorama in the shape of a fan coral. The differences in the ground conditions allow courageous people as well as those who suffer from fear of heights a great view of Bavaria. Nearby, visitors can also visit the prehistoric Triassic Park.

Feel safe thanks to the X-TEND stainless steel mesh

Regardless of whether one suffers from fear of heights or not, the path over the mountain edge, even if it is secured by steel grating, causes a queasy feeling for most people. This feeling is cushioned, among other things, by the different ground conditions. Those who are not quite as daring can avoid the steel grids, which allow a vertical view 70 meters down, and explore the platform on solid, non-transparent ground.

If you have ever ventured to the edge, this courage is rewarded with one of the most impressive panoramas of the entire Alps. Over tens of kilometres, detailed forests, rivers, roads and mountains and birds circling in the distance can be seen particularly well.

Further attractions 

In addition to the platform secured by the X-TEND stainless steel mesh, the nearby Triassic Park in Waidring offers families and school classes even more possibilities. These include in summer ...

  • the Triassic Trail (scientific exploration tour)
  • the Triassic Beach (mini primeval sea)
  • the low ropes course and the
  • Stalactite cave.

It was not only the people responsible for the safety of the Steinplatte viewing platform who laid the 80 m² X-TEND stainless steel safety mesh from CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR; it is also used in zoos, at children's playgrounds or along high-level galleries in schools or hotels.

  • Project
    Observation deck, Waidring, Tirol, Austria
  • Application

    Balustrade railings

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    80 m2, ◊ 60 mm, ø 2 mm