Seil Fassade Absturzsicherung I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsystem




In the service of health

Wels is the eighth largest city in Austria and the second largest in the state of Upper Austria after Linz. Wels was already known and important in Roman times. Today, the city of Wels is primarily known for its industry and as the venue for numerous trade fairs worldwide. The Wels health center was built in the town on the Traun. It was built on behalf of the merciful sisters of the Holy Cross. The health center is known especially for the excellent heart and lung specialists

A modern car park was built for the employees, patients and visitors. Instead of relying on a concrete facade crumbling due to wind and weather, the decision was made to cover the parking garage over all five floors with the I-SYS stainless steel ropes from CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE. This is not only for safety, it is also the floor on which the facade of the parking garage is planted.

I-SYS stainless steel rope secures the parking decks

Each rope is securely anchored to the floors of the floors. For this, they were fastened in the reinforced concrete with spacer sleeves. So that the ropes do not slip, i.e. maintain their so-called linearity, the I-SYS stainless steel ropes were fastened using a rope cross holder and horizontal stainless steel rods. The resilient properties play a role in securing. Should a car either roll towards the facade or someone calculate the distance incorrectly when parking, the stainless steel cable gently brakes the movement and reduces damage. A concrete wall would do much more damage to the car.

The Wels health center not only houses the specialists mentioned. The complementary departments also include ...

  • the Academy of Health and Education,
  • the Cardio Vital Catfish,
  • the lungs of vital catfish,
  • the mediFIT medical training and fitness and
  • the physical institute.

Castle, museum and former margarine factory

If you visit a patient in the Wels health center and want to experience the city after the end of your visit, there are many sights to see. Burg Wels has a special history. Not only Emperor Maximilian I is said to have died here. Before it was turned into a museum, the castle housed a margarine factory until 1954.

  • Project
    Parking garage Health Center, Wels, Austria
  • Application

    Design of facade and fall protection

  • Products

    I-SYS, ø 4 mm