X-TEND security at Aachen University Hospital | Aachen | Deutschland


X-TEND security at Aachen University Hospital

New multi storey car park for Europe's largest hospital building

With 220,000 square metres, RWTH Aachen University Hospital is Europe's largest hospital building. As a maximum care hospital, RWTH Aachen University Hospital combines patient-oriented medicine and care, teaching and research at an international level. With 36 specialist clinics, 30 institutes and six interdisciplinary units, the university hospital covers the entire medical spectrum. 50,000 inpatients and 200,000 outpatients are treated here every year. The new hospital multi-storey car park in the Kullenhofstraße / Pariser Ring area, with a length of 145 metres and a height of 25 metres, has space for 1349 vehicles on nine parking levels.

Multi-storey car park creates sustainable parking space 

Construction of the new multi-storey car park began in March 2020. The client placed particular emphasis on sustainability and noise protection. The façade is soundproofed, reducing the sound pressure level by at least 20 dB.

X-TEND fall protection

The staircase is secured with over 300 square metres of X-TEND stainless steel cable mesh with mesh witdh of 100mm an a rope diameter of 2mm. X-TEND fall protection systems from Carl Stahl ARC meet high safety standards. The high-quality and robust stainless steel ropes are pressed together with stainless steel clamps in a special process to form a resilient and flexible mesh structure.

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    300m², ◊ 100 mm, ø 2 mm