Brückengeländer I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsystem




In Haßmersheim, people can walk safely across the water. A pedestrian bridge has been crossing the Neckar here since 2013. The Haßmersheim community invested part of the construction costs of around 3.5 million euros in securing pedestrians at the side. The high-quality I-SYS stainless steel cable systems from CARL STAHL ARC GmbH were chosen.

The bridge in the Neckar-Odenwald district, with its length of 140 meters, not only spans the Neckar river, but also the federal highway 27 running there. Until the opening, pedestrians could only cross the Neckar at this point with a ferry. The bridge is also important for the people of Haßmersheim because it connects the place with the associated train station. The I-SYS cable system secures the bridge as a railing filling so that passengers can reach your train safely even in the dark of the night.

Radar-compatible pedestrian bridge

The pedestrian bridge over the Neckar near Haßmersheim is a cable-stayed bridge in composite construction and is approved for pedestrian traffic. In addition to the I-SYS rope system, the special features of the construction also include that the slim superstructure consists of airtight welded longitudinal profiles.

There is a lot of shipping traffic on the Neckar. The pedestrian bridge at Haßmersheim must therefore also take this traffic into account. The bridge is suitable for radar, among other things, so that the Neckar shipping works without any problems. Due to shipping traffic, the architects also built a ship crash against the bridge. A special lighting calculation had to be carried out so that the coxswain and maids are not dazzled at night.

Bridge replaced old ferry

Since the bridge connects the two banks of the Neckar, the Haßmersheim ferry has not been used and was discontinued in 2014. This ended a presumably more than 680-year tradition. The "Hassmersheimer ferry" was first mentioned in 1330. The ferry was leased by private individuals until 1951, before the community of Haßmersheim took it over.

Instead of the ferry, visitors to Haßmersheim today can see sights such as ...

  • Guttenberg Castle,
  • the old malt house,
  • the Friedrich School named after Grand Duke Friedrich or also
  • the old town hall

… admire.

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    Pedestrian bridge, Hassmersheim, Germany
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    Bridge railings

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