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Fence system

PERIMESH – the versatile fence solution

Patented tensioning system for maximum safety

Our PERIMESH product line is an elegant fence system. Puristic in design and offering a wide range of uses, PERIMESH is a popular solution, particularly when it comes to fencing-in real estate. Fences around gardens and plots of land have increasingly become a design element, underlining the architecture of a building with our stainless steel fence or setting visual highlights. Based on our tried-and-tested X-TEND stainless steel mesh with its transparent structure, it blends harmoniously into the architecture and at the same time defines clear boundaries – as was the case in a new residential area in the Ortenau district in southern Germany. Here, the building owners deliberately chose the stainless steel fence system PERIMESH. In keeping with the elegant architectural style of the new detached house, the entire garden was fenced in with this elegant variant.

Patented tensioning system for maximum safety

PERIMESH also has the right solution for integrated access – regardless of whether that is to be in the form of a single or double gate. In this project, the client chose a single gate. Particularly important factors in the decision-making process are environmental aspects and ease of maintenance. The most important aspect for the client, however, was that the family dog would not be able to get out and explore outside the client’s property.

Individual and modular fence system

In this project, the clients selected a system height of 1,250 mm. The posts for the more than 70-metre-long fence and the gates were set in concrete and a middle post was placed every two metres. Corner and middle posts were used for protection all round. The PERIMESH mesh was fixed and tensioned directly on one post of the special single gate. The installation of the fence with gate was carried out by a local gardening and landscaping company.

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