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Sustainability is official policy

X-TEND as greenery system

The district town of Heppenheim is on the edge of the Odenwald. A documented settlement has existed in this area since 755 AD. Heppenheim has been able to call itself a city since 1318. The city is considered the birthplace of the FDP, the Free Democratic Party, which was founded here as part of the German Revolution in 1848.

The administrative center in Heppenheim combines several offices. These include the Office for Land Management and the Office for Roads and Transport. The special thing about the Heppenheim authority center - it was deliberately designed to be sustainable. The energy standard of the associated parking garage is that of a passive house. The X-TEND stainless steel cable network from CARL STAHL ARC, with its daylight permeability and the possibility of greening, also plays a decisive role here.

Tested sustainability criteria

In recent years, public buildings have increasingly been built according to the principle of sustainability. The multi-storey car park at the Heppenheim authorities center is no exception. Before the construction was commissioned, the planned project was subjected to a comprehensive analysis. The Passive House certification capability was checked in compliance with various sustainability criteria.

In order to take into account the size of the administrative center and the required parking garage, the two buildings were constructed in the Heppenheim industrial park between Odenwaldstrasse and Tiergartenstrasse. The multi-storey car park represents the optimal soundproofing for the office building in the direction of Tiergartenstrasse.

Fall protection and daylight permeable

A combination of X-TEND CXE stainless steel rope net and I-SYS stainless steel wire rope, both from CARL STAHL ARCHITEKTUR, spans the car park over a total area of ​​1,720 m². This creates high-quality fall protection. At the same time, the high transparency of the stainless steel mesh allows a lot of daylight to enter and hardly any or no "dark corners" arise at night.

The two systems contribute to the passive house character of the multi-storey car park, as the greening of the facility works through them. One is considering the parking garage outside of office hours for Heppenheim events such as ...

  • the Heppenheim Festival,
  • the Bergstrasse wine market,
  • the spring market or
  • the Heppenheim car show

... open.

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    Public services centre car park, Heppenheim, Germany
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    Design of façade and greenery

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    1.720 m2, ◊ 250 mm, ø 3 mm / ø 8 mm, ø 12 mm, ø 16 mm