LED light design

Rainbow Bridge

The Rainbow Bridge connects the Convention Center and the Performing Arts Center, allowing the visitors to move freely between the two major venues. The 600 foot pedestrian bridge is elevated from the ground and consists of 76 welded bent steel “T” ribs. Between the ribs construction there is a mesh made of stainless steel wire ropes Ø 8mm - at its junctions 3,500 colour-changing LED dots were installed. Together with Carl Stahl Architecture, a customized mounting clip was therefore developed, which ensures the function of the LED dots, their connection and an easy replacement. The individually controllable modules provide a unique colour spectrum that transforms the bridge into an eye-catcher, especially at night.
  • Project
    Rainbow Bridge, Los Angeles, USA | Designed by Arup
  • Application

    LED Light Design

  • Products



    3500 LED-Dots