Seilabspannung Kreisverkehr I-SYS Edelstahl-Seilsystem

Wire rope systems

Roundabout Art

The Glocke roundabout in Schwäbisch Gmünd takes unsuspecting car drivers by surprise with a spectacular steel sculpture composed of I-SYS stainless steel cables. The idea was that this imposing work of art, right outside the Gmünder Ersatzkasse (GEK) building, should portray the medical insurance company’s beginnings – as a symbol of the dexterity of the precision engineers who were GEK’s original clientèle. The 12 metre high sculpture is based on a design submitted by four students at the local University of Design – a figure which appears to be floating, but is in fact supported by sturdy pylons and surrounded by an intricate structure of I-SYS cables and rods.
  • Project
    Round about Glockekreuzung, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
  • Application


  • Products

    I-SYS, ø 8 mm