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Mediterranean flair in the heart of Turin

In the middle of the hustle of Turin, the Scuola Enrico Fermi has recently opened its gates again. If you enter the now ultra-modern site in the middle of the lively Turin, it becomes incredibly quiet despite the lively students and you get the impression that the clocks in this school rotate more slowly. Perfect basic requirements for concentration and learning success.

During the revision, the responsible architects deliberately placed emphasis on a building style and building materials that create a place of calm and concentration in connection with Mediterranean flair in the middle of the big city. The embedding of this school in the hectic activity of Turin has more than succeeded.

X-TEND stainless steel wire rope nets from Carl Stahl Architecture were used to renovate the existing building. Nets with a mesh size of 50 mm were chosen, which have a rope diameter of 1.5 mm. In the end, 850 square meters of external cladding / internal stairs were installed and an additional 50 square meters of the new FRAMEWORKX XT3 system were installed as roof railings. And if the lessons turn out to be a bit “tougher”, they make it possible it is to let your gaze wander into the distance of urban Turin, structure your thoughts and then follow the class with new energy. At the same time, the networks act as vertical fall protection.

A roof terrace, lined with XT3 frames, invites the students to stroll during the lunch break In the mild sun of Turin and one or two teachers treat themselves to an espresso in the Italian way.

Quite cozy

  • Project
    Scuola Enrico Fermi, Turin, Italien
  • Application

    Facade Design und Safety

  • Products

    MW50 / ◊ 1,5 mm