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X-TEND fall protection with a great view

Suspension bridge on the Stubnerkogel in Bad Gastein

The Stubnerkogel in the province of Salzburg is one of the most popular destinations for mountain hikers and skiers. The peak lies at an altitude of just over 2,200 m above sea level. However, you can reach it comfortably by cable car. A special highlight directly at the summit is the viewing platform Glocknerblick, which offers an impressive view of the Großglockner - the highest mountain in Austria. This can be reached comfortably from the top station of the cable car via a short footpath. However, the cable car operators have created an alternative access for adventurous visitors: via a suspension bridge. This is about 140 m long and up to 28 m high. It is made of translucent materials so that it offers an impressive view of the immediate surroundings and the mountains in the neighbourhood. In addition, this design provides a special thrill when visiting the Stubnerkogel. In this way, the suspension bridge has become a real tourist magnet, attracting countless visitors.

Measures for safe use of the suspension bridge

The enormous height of the suspension bridge and its location on a steep mountain slope made it necessary to implement special safety measures to prevent accidents. First of all, the basic construction of the bridge is of great importance. It not only has very stable supporting cables, but also robust wind cables that are connected to the ground and limit the bridge's vibrations. In this way, it can withstand the strong winds on the mountain top - up to a speed of 200 km/h. In addition, the fall protection is of great importance. On the one hand, it must be very robust and reliably prevent visitors from falling off the bridge. On the other hand, it should restrict the view as little as possible.

X-TEND: high-quality stainless steel cable mesh for railing infill

In order to combine these requirements, X-TEND were used for the railing infill. This material is very robust, so that it offers reliable protection against falling despite a rope thickness of only 1.5 mm. The mesh size 40mm, so there is no danger of gaps in the railing infill. Nevertheless, this construction is very filigree and therefore hardly impairs the view of the surroundings. The material used also offers another advantage: it is extremely weather-resistant. At the top of the mountain, there is often high humidity and intense sunlight. However, the stainless steel used is extremely resistant to these influences, so that it still ensures a long service life.

  • Project
    Stubnerkogel Bad Gastein, Bad Gastein, Austria
  • Application

    Fall protection & railing infill

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    140m², ◊ 40 mm, ø 1,5 mm