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Taronga Zoo Gehege für Schimpansen

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X-TEND CXE and the good outlook in Australia


Visitors to the Taronga Zoo in Sydney are fascinated by animals from all over the world. Due to the unique architecture of the zoo, the inhabitants of Sydney are already talking about another visual landmark of their city - especially next to the world-famous opera.

An outdoor enclosure for the chimpanzees living in Taronga Zoo has been planned and built to be especially species-appropriate. To ensure that this project could be carried out responsibly, those responsible at Taronga Zoo were the first in Australia to commission CARL STAHL ARCHITECTURE to tension the safety net within a zoo. With the inconspicuous X-TEND stainless steel cable net, the chimpanzees are protected.

Over 100 years of zoo tradition

Anyone who lives in the Australian state of New South Wales or spends their well-earned holidays there has been able to relax at the Taronga Zoo for more than 100 years. The zoo, which today is home to 2,600 animals, was founded exactly on 7 November 1916, although the zoo is not located directly in the metropolis of Sydney. The Taronga Zoo is located in the suburb of Mosman, in the immediate vicinity of Port Jackson.

A particularly beautiful highlight took place here on 4 July 2009, the day on which the first elephant was born on Australian soil. The press was thrilled. The calf was given the name Luk Chai.

X-TEND stainless steel cable nets for (almost) the whole world

The chimpanzees at Taronga Zoo are among the crowd pullers along with the elephants. The enclosure is a good example of what zoos can achieve in housing great apes. The X-TEND Colours CXE black/black stretches over a wood-clad pylon.

Next to Australia you will find this tightly meshed stainless steel cable net with ...

  • - America,
  • - Africa,
  • - Asia and
  • - Europe

... on almost every continent. As far as we know, Antarctica does not yet have a zoo that needs to be equipped with the advantages of the X-TEND stainless steel cable net.

  • Project
    Taronga Zoo, Sydney, Australia
  • Application

    Exterior enclosure for chimpanzees

  • Products

    X-TEND Colours CXE schwarz/black
    970 m², ◊ 60 mm, ø 3 mm